Monday, November 21, 2011

Thinking and thanking

Thinking:   I wish it was Christmas break, I'm going to the beach on Wednesday, I'm nervous about tomorrow morning, eat one helping at Thanksgiving dinner, buy pumpkin, workout class kicked my butt today, need to do laundry, nervous about tomorrow STILL, Christmas party, gingerbread, peppermint bark, want to eat nutella stuffed french toast (via the Pin ), need to make a christmas list, I need to pack, and can i really do this?

Thanking:    I have family to visit over the weekend at the BEEEACH, good health, true friends,  my family, OT school, my bed, for such a great Mom, and rolling with the punches.

Side note- I just noticed it took me a considerably longer amount of time to think of things I'm thankful for than for my worrisome thoughts/cravings in the thinking section.

This means it's time for a makeover in my way of thinking, and what a better week than THANKSgiving.

Why is it so hard for us to think of the good things we have already been blessed with?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm back!


I have been such a bad blogger, and have not written in months, my apologies, I was out living my life you know. Updates are always fun though, and I 'm a girl who loves a list. So here we go!

1.) I went on my first FW 1 for school at a pediatric setting. I was suprised at how much I enjoyed the pediatric setting! I like kids, but have NEVER been interested in working with them. The setting was structured completely different than settings I have seen before. Mainly though, that play is the primary form of therapy (duh right?). No, this was like creativity on crack! Kids require so much creativity in their interventions, and the need to be stimulated in order to learn. I saw a TON of sensory integration (SI), handwriting skills (I was introduced to the Handwriting Without Tears program), scooter board exercises, fine motor skill interventions, and language barriers. I have never been in an OT pediatric setting and was completely out of my element while at the facility. Everything I saw was brand new to me, well mainly the SI tools and interventions, but the diagnoses as well. My CI recommended the book "The Out of Sync Child" by Carol Kranowitz, to learn more about SI and the various types of sensory processing disorders. Upon returning to NO,  I ordered the book on Amazon and have been obsessed. I highly recommend it!! 

2.) My FW also gave me the opportunity to learn my strengths and weaknesses my social skills as a hope-to-be therapist. I realized sometimes I have trouble and tend to be uncomfortable interacting with very low functioning clients. It's something I need to work on, but at least now I am aware of it! I shall improve!

3.) We have now moved into a new house, and my family has seemed to take well to the house. It's so cute and yellow! The only one who isn't is our cat Wanda who is constantly hiding under the couch. Scaredy cat

4.) I ran in the Race for the Cure in October (5k). Such a fun race, lots of pink, boas, wings, wigs, crazy outfits, and so much support for breast cancer awareness. It was so fun! Also, that is my 3rd race of the year! (FYI my new year's resolution was to run in a race, and I've already ran in 3, go me!)

5.) I have joined Pinterest. I jumped on the bandwagon about a month ago and have found so many amazing OT resources. There are tons of ideas for activities and information websites on Pinterest. There are also millions of dessert recipes, outfits, hairstyles, and cool pictures to look at to, not that I do....ok all the time. There are also really good motivational quotes, pictures, and general wellness tips I have found helpful.

                                                                    via the Pin

6.) I'm getting contact lenses!!!!!!!!

And that my friends, has been my life. Thanksgiving break is coming up and I am bringing my Californian roomate home with me for the holiday. The more the merrier! And speaking of merry, I love Christmas, I really do, but poor Thanksgiving gets no limelight in the commercial world. The day after Halloween began the Christmas holiday, Pillsbury, Walmart lay away, cookie commercials, etc. So, unlike the media world, don't forget to be thankful for everything you have. Now that has been sufficiently heart warming, and I'm going to do homework.

p.s. I have a mental health activity bag due this week! Any cool ideas? It has to be simple, and small enough to fit in a gallon zip lock

Monday, July 25, 2011


Everyone knows I love a good Monday! Don't hate me, because I like time to get things done. Mainly today running errands here and there, organizing, and studying. This weekend was a blur of procrastination with a little studying. So today I  have to suck it up and get back to the books just for this last week! One week. It will be the longest week of my life.

Jealous betch?

In other happenings, I was in one of the grumpiest moods EVER last week, partly due to minor annoyances that had begun to build up, pressure with school, and maybe even a little homesick? Anyways, on my worst, moodiest, rudest day this weekend a friend of mine sent me a package that completely turned my week around. It was from an old friend I have literally not seen in over 5 years. The past few Valentine's days we have sent each other gifts because, well, truthfully we never have a Valentine, and who better to be your Valentine than your best friend right? No awkward dates even necessary! Recently an on going joke between the two of us has been that if we turn 30, and are still single we can just marry each other. That way we won't have to worry about feeling like a loser or dealing with nosy family and friends that keep asking "why we can't find a nice girl/boy". A quick fix, brilliant idea right? So back to my bitchy-full day, I received a package from him and he sent me a dozen huge plastic diamond rings and ring pops, along with an engagement card (with Cinderella on the front!) and the sweetest note I have ever gotten. And you know, it was one of the most genuine best things anyone has ever given me. Plus I'm a sucker for snail mail, always will be. I'm a really lucky girl, I mean fiance

Till next time, happy Monday!      -E

Monday, July 11, 2011

The final countdown

 I apologize for the sketchy behavior and absence of updates on here. I have just not had the UMPH for it. To begin I completed my 5k with a friend on the 4th, and in a reasonable time! It was my first race, and although it started out feeling like a stampede, think Lion King, it was almost addictive running with so many people. My biggest shock was that ipods are discouraged in races. Dur! Right? Huge problem for me and my trainer Lil Wayne, seeing as I have not run once this year without bringing my precious ipod. So, maybe I need to work on cutting the cord, just in case some races won't allow them at all (THE HORROR!). I's for safety...blah blah blah.

Other worthy things in my life include: running almost daily, spin class, power pump is starting to get a little (I mean very littttle) bit easier, I bought a delish red wine by Cupcake that is my new guilty pleasure, and only 3 weeks left in anatomy! Ahh music to my ears. Things are starting to come together in my life, but they aren't finished, so I can't stop now. Gotta keep going and get through all this. If I can endure Power Pump each week, I CAN pass anatomy.

My goal for the week: To really dedicate my time to learning anatomy, seeing as I have a test next Monday and all.

Keep cool!   -E

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just another Tuesday

 I am running in a 5k on the 4th of July with a friend of mine. I am pretty excited to be in my first race! I've been taking spin, power pump (Dewayne's death trap), and running pretty regularly the past few weeks. I'm updating my workout list for the race though. It's only 2 weeks away!!!  

Also, after re-reading my last depressing post, I just want to use that as proof of what stress, lack of sleep, crappy eating, and limited exercise can do to you! Some of the sentences I wrote didn't even make sense, hell I didn't even finish one of the sentences. To top off my 'little crappy feelings' I had, which I blame on anatomy, I got a migraine Saturday. Just a little FYI for those of you that don't know me, but I suffer, yes SUFFER, from cluster headaches.  Look them up! They are different from migraines and I used to have one almost every month, then I lost weight, started eating and exercising regularly and was on a 6 month spree of no headaches! That is until Saturday, the day of a fun girls trip and I get hit with a cluster headache right before we left.

 So my words of wisdom: take care of yourself, or you'll feel like crap.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Emo-ish post

I am in a funky mood. Meaning I am getting a little weird and possibly not making sense on this post. So be prepared for a possibly boring and confusing post.

Still interested?

Ok here it goes.

 So to begin my 'diet' has sucked so bad it's embarassing. I'm not on an ACTUAL diet persay but my eating habits. I have have noticed myself eating CRAP people, I mean food with no nutritional value or that even tastes that good it just feeeels good. Anatomy has made me the revert to my old ways of diet coke addiction and grazing on food just because it is within my reach.

Next I'm feeling down because I've been stressed to the max with school and have been slowly figuring out some personal issues I have with myself and in relationships with others. You don't really know someone or yourself until you are running on empty with no sleep and THEN your brain starts throwing out the confusing crap about "your meaning in life". Anyways, I'm tired,  to say in the least.

But the little energy left in me will NOT let this post be a complete whiny post. I am running today, it will help me clear my mind. It always does. Then maybe I can get 8 hours of sleep and not wake up contemplating my place in life, or contemplating eating pizza for breakfast.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let anatomy begin...

Long time no see bloggies. Wanna know whyyy? Because gross anatomy is a black hole and you can never get out!!!!! It sounds terrible but it's really not, it's just time consuming and incredibly detailed, yet extremely important and obviously pertains to OT so I want to actually understand everything. So in in general I reek of phemaldehyde (lovely) but overall the class is AWESOME. I am learning so much about the human body. But mainly that every body is different. I know, duh, everyone is different, but I mean literally the difference even in smells, colors, and thickness of structures is different. It's crazy and important and I actually like studying for the class. Let's hope I can hang with the class and make an A! ok lets be realistic and pray for a B, (m optimistic but not dellusional)

In other news I am taking a high intensity aerobics class on Wednesday, you could call it bootcamp. There have been several occasions I thought I would fall over and die in that class. But I have not given up and will prove myself to my large intimidating teacher, Dewayne. I will beat Dewayne!

Ok back to my extremely busy, boring, and sleep deprived life of anatomy, adios

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just a downtown girl...

So the "cool" place to live in the NO is uptown. I just moved a little further DOWNtown, that's right, and have been crazy busy trying to move in and out of my old place. I am moving in with a girl in my OT class from California and we have been so pressed for time with the move. Besides our scary parking lot, and very narrow hallways, it's not so bad. We have a kitchen and a living room and I'll be moving in a loveseat and coffee table tomorrow. It never ends!

In other NEW news, we are starting our second semester of school with the physical therapy students. We will be taking anatomy and cadaver (eek!) lab with them. Anatomy should be interesting, I have never dissected a cadaver before though, so this should be a learning experience for sure.....

I see dead people.

Who am I kidding??? Anybody who knows me knows I love this kind of stuff!!!! I seriously cannot wait to see the brain, and no not in a freaky way but in an OT way so I can better and more fully understand my practice.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Little bit of this, little bit of that

Sorry I have been MIA lately, just means I've been out living my life and have lots to update on. I find I write most on here when in need of a procrastination excuse. ANYWAYS, updates!

1.) I am on semester break and have run every single day since I've been home. Suprised? I AM. The only problem I am beginning to have with running is the weather. I don't care how much motivation or what kind of "breathable" sports wear you have, it is hard to run in humidity. Make that effing miserable. But I've been doing it. Go me!

2.) I am finding myself living a healthier lifestyle! Example: Today I had to get my oil changed. Note that getting my oil changed at Walmart is a task I dread more than running. I would rather run through coals for 26 miles than sit in Walmart for the usual 2 hours (RIDICULOUS RIGHT?) and wait for my oil to be changed while sitting in that little waiting room, texting ridiculous amounts of people to "catch up", and watching old western movies that for some reason are always on replay. But today was a new day! I, without even hesitating, went to the magazine section of Walmart and grabbed 3 healthy lifestyle magazines to read while waiting. I got 2 new recipes and got a little motivation to keep my weight loss going!

3.) I have been riding my brother's bike since I've been home. Props to all the mountain biker girls that can withstand the constant bumping. They must have hoo-ha's of steel. Seriously. Nowww that has been adequately awkward, but on the positive on FLAT ground biking is pretty fun and I've been alternating it with runing so I won't get burned out.

4.) I am learning to cook, so far I've done a pretty good job of it. My problem is when I go into a grocery store I don't think "O-M-GEE I just have to make that nutritious organic pineapple wrap I saw in Women's Health! Gotta get some pineapple!" No, I think "chicken" or "maybe get some spinach and apples today". I need to start expanding my healthy foods. I just don't think about it! In all these recipes healthy food really DOES look better than grilled chicken all the time. I need to start collecting recipes and writing down the ingredients.

5.) My goal for next semester is to be ORGANIZED.

6.) I am learning to trade my indulgences. Example for the day: I wanted pancakes. I saw them everywhere I went. I'm not kidding! So I went home and made some, using whole wheat mix and then realized I wanted not JUST pancakes but chocolate chip pancakes. So what did I do? I added chocolate chips, did NOT add butter, and did NOT add syrup. May sound nasty to you but really ask yourself if sugarfree/fat free syrup is even edible, or if your mind is tricking you! Chocolate chips were worth the lack of butter and syrup, hands down.

BYE NOW, hope everyone had a wondaful Tuesday!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Physiology Shmisiology

Ok. My recent slump I fell into this week has been given a proper ass kicking. Back to old me and I am fully energized.
                                                                           Finals. Get it.

Reason? My Physiology final no longer exists! My teacher gave us the option to take it or not depending on our current grade. There is a God in OT school!

Oh and a little BC powder (green pack) and 12 hours of sleep always helps... going running because the weather is amazing and I added some new songs to my workout list.

Royal Wedding part-tay tomorrow. Will be eating my first ever crumpet and talking with an English accent the entire evening, possibly tipsy? Perfect weekend here I come!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just a little procrastination

Hello! I have returned from Easter break, more unmotivated than ever. I consumed every temptation thrown my way over the weekend. You name it, I ate it. On the positive, I did run in the park while I was at home which was not easy, the hills and humidity killed me! Anyways, I don't have much to write about other than I'm ready for semester break. Only a few slow slow slowww days left! This post gets the award for the most worthless post ever. 

I'm tired.

I'm unmotivated.

I can't focus. blaaahhhhhhh

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Proper punctuation is both the sign and cause of clear thinking

I love lazy Sunday's and usually take the time to catch up on my reading. I have 4 books on my shelf right now I have started and not finished. However, one book I just HAVE to tell the world about is called " Eat's, Shoots, & Leaves" by Lynne Truss, a columnist for "The Times" (a newspaper in London) and she is absolutely brilliant! The book is about her zero tolerance approach to punctuation. As I am typing this post I am trying to take caution in my own punctuation and spelling (as to not dissapoint my new hero Ms. Truss). Anyways, I won't ruin the book by telling what all it entails but I will leave my favorite excerpt from the book so far:          

   "Part of one's despair, of course, is that the world cares nothing for the little shocks endured by the sensitive stickler. While we look in horror at a badly punctuated sign, the world carries on around us, blind to our plight. We are like the little boy in The Sixth Sense who can see dead people, except that we can see dead punctuation. Whisper it in petrified little-boy tones: dead punctuation is invisible to everyone else -- yet we see it all the time. No one understands us seventh-sense people. They regard us as freaks. When we point out illiterate mistakes we are often aggressively instructed to "get a life" by people who, interestingly, display no evidence of having lives themselves. Naturally we become timid about making our insights known, in such inhospitable conditions. Being burned as a witch is not safely enough off the agenda."
 ***The title of the book was chosen after Lynne noticed a panda defined in an encyclopedia as 'Panda. Large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China. Eats, shoots, and leaves.'****

As an added bonus the book even comes with a punctuation repair kit full of stickers for comma mistakes you may see everyday on signs! This book is a must read and I am ordering her other book from Amazon "Talk to the Hand: The Utter Bloody Rudeness of the World Today". I promise you will love the book, let your inner nerd run free!

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

To Do List: Get it together!

Good morning! It is Thursday morning and I have already finished 30 minutes of yoga, eaten oatmeal, and am drinking a cup of green tea this very second! I slept a total of 8 hours (this is rare ya'll!) and feel ready for the day. I have a physiology test tomorrow on the Gastric System (such a lovely system!). I don't have class today and will be studying the entire day. I studied in a Starbucks yesterday and I was suprised how much I accomplished studying outside of my room or the library. I will probably go back today too, I just hate to pay for that overpriced latte-con-fatttay-shiz. I have my own coffee maker at home and my own fat free vanilla creamer...Anyways, yesterday I also bought a Brita water filter! Only 10 bucks and I'm hoping to save some money on water, I drink (and am proud!) about 4 bottles a day! Something about the New Orleans tap water, it's sick, gross, and I can't get used to it. So now we both win, with the Brita filter.
                                                     Water that is!!!!!!!!
*Update on my workout life. I ran in the park 2 days ago and really surprised myself with how far I ran outside. I normally run on the treadmill but the weather has been so nice lately I went to the park and I plan to keep training there. It opens at 5 am (yes! a.m. workouts ROCK) I am such a morning person it's crazy annoying for all you cranky sleepy heads out there. I ran the 1.8 mile loop twice! Ok, some I walked, but only max a minute and it was mainly to look at ducks or to pet a Great Dane named Tiger. Also I am recommending Jillian Michaels' Shred video for anyone who wants to tone up and has little time for a workout. the workout is only 25 minutes long and a killllllller. I moved up to level 2's painful! I'm so sore STILL and am dreading shredding again.
*Update on OT school: Only 2 weeks left in this semester! WOOHOO! Not that I don't like school, I love it, I do not however share the same love for physiology and am ready to be over and done with that class. I just need a break and luckily we are getting one for Easter next week and I can go home! Some of my classmates went to the AOTA conference in Philadelphia this morning so I will be interested to see what all they learn when they get back. Also it's share a poem day for my interactive reasoning class...We have to "whip out" a poem and read it to people. So here's mine! There was a specific format we had to follow and literally had 3 minutes to do this:
                                                  Hello, teeth
                                       A welcome without words

Cheeeeese! Over and out have a PRODUCTIVE day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm all over the place

Hello bloggies! I haven't written in a few days, and it's because I have been out and about all weekend!To summarize my weekend, I worked the French Quarter Festival here in New Orleans selling Abita beer most of the day Saturday and it was so fun. I really had a good time, and saw lots of new foods, some were questionable in appearance but nothing I wouldn't eat!!! One of my classmates had a friend in town from California so we had a fun weekend going out (indulging) on various alcoholic beverages. I also got to catch up with one of my very good friends yesterday over coffee and he introduced me to my new obsession. WHOLE FOODS. I know, where have I been? The only grocery store back home though is Kroger and Walmart! I've been deprived. I went early this morning to buy groceries and just had the most amazing salad for lunch. Ingredients included:  Quinoa, Bell peppers, Black beans, Sunflower seeds, Zucchini, Mustard seeds, Pico de gallo, Cilantro, and Lemon juice. It was absolutely fantastic!!!
I normally hate salad, but this was more nutty and not so leafy it was perfect.
                                                      It kind of looked like this!!
In other news, I got 4 miles in early this morning before my WF adventure, and I'm not gonna lie, I only ran 3, and walked the last mile. I don't know what was going on but I was just out of whack this morning. Maybe it has something to do with the copious amounts of alcohol that entered my body this weekend?? Nah! I did however walk on incline the whole time for that last mile, and progressed it eventually to a big hill. So I didn't completely wimp out!
*Also a special thank you is in order for Mr. Dewayne Carter, many of you may know him as Lil Wayne. He keeps my butt in line at the gym and I think I can sing every word of his songs on my ipod. If only people knew the vulgarities blaring in my ears as I'm running!
                           Anyways, thanks Lil Wayne, couldn't do it without you.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hurt so good

I just read my Monday blog and realized how annoyingly peppy I was. Or maybe my drained state I am in today is putting me in a funky mood. I have so many assignments pile up on me. The good thing is none of them are hard, just time consuming, and I am the world's worst time manager. I have no energy today. I am going running after I finish this and maybe it will wake my grumpy butt up. One important NEW update is that I am running a half marathon in October....(gulp). It made my stomach hurt writing that sentence, but I know it will be the ultimate way to achieve my goal to be a runner! The race is in Mandeville, LA and is for Leukemia and Lymphoma research, which I am an advocate for! Hopefully this will be an empowering journey and I can really learn a lot about myself and what my body AND mind can handle. I'll be running with a classmate who's father was diagnosed with Leukemia last year. We have to raise $1,000 dollars a piece because it is a FUNDraiser, but I'm hoping we can turn it into some service project for school. I've been thinking about running a half marathon recently after reading a blog I found (<----it's HILARIOUS and inspiring! You'll be addicted). So, when my classmate asked me if I was interested in the half marathon in October it was like it was just meant to be!! This means my butt has to be in tip top shape before october. Currently I've bumped up my milage to 4 miles. I also became a member of Runner's World today! I'm going to check out the site for training information.

                                                  One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest!
*In other news, I went to my first ever fieldwork site at a mental health facility last Thursday and it was so interesting! I can honestly say mental health is one of my favorite subjects, but it could be because our teacher for a class is in mental health and makes the class so interesting. Either way I am learning a lot about disorders and therapuetic interventions. During my observations I sat in and participated in 2 interactive group settings and we discussed communication skills and work settings. I also observed a group performing a meal preperation activity (pancakes!). I really liked how we learn about so many social and emotional disorders in class but I really learned more from sitting next to a schizophrenic patient in the communication group more than sitting in a classroom. I really understood the barriers these patients have to fight each day just to perform a simple task! Everyone smoked, I mean every patient I saw! It was kind of interesting. Everyone liked coffee too. I am going back to the facility this Friday, for "Fun Friday". The patients get to play games and extracurricular activites in the gym on the campus. That should be fun and we will be able to interact better with the patients.

ALSO Jillian Michael's Shred DVD hurts so good. My entire body is sore from that 25 minute workout!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Funday

Hello! Well I am back from my much needed beach weekend sunburned, relaxed, and focused. This morning I woke up and ran 3.5 miles in my best time yet! I am going to try to run at least 4x a week and cross train 2 days of the week. I'm a Jillian Michaels SUPERfan and just borrowed the Shred video from a friend to use for my crosstraining. I'll be sure to update as to any of my results. So far today has been fantabulous and I feel awesome (was I whistling a minute ago?). Hope you all are starting your weeks off to a FUNday and not a monday. I've trained myself to appreciate Mondays, yeah they have a bad rep, but they are the beginning to a new start to the week.
Me! we took this picture this weekend

Friday, April 1, 2011


It's FRIDAYYYYY! And that means in less than 2 hours I will be taking my physiology test.

  I guess I should be studying right now instead of writing this but I just wanted to write real quick before I enter the physiology battlefront. My saving grace this entire week has been our beach trip! We decided to leave a day early and are heading out today after the test. We are bringing some assignments to work on (how studious!) with us, we are also bringing tequila so, something will get done.

Anyways everyone have a wonderful weekend and be on the look out for April Fool's me!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Allergies....F you

I feel like garbage today. I am having one of the MOST stressful weeks thus far in OT school. Which is good because I am starting to feel like my classes are challenging me, but JUST when I feel like I have my shit together, the sun is coming out, and the flowers are blooming and BAM I cannot breathe!

Dreaded allergy season, of course would show up uninvited for my week full of assignments and tests. I am determined to not let it slow me down and have been trying to keep up my exercise 1.) so I can keep my stress levels down (I hope!) 2.) to maybe knock this crap out!!This is one of those weeks when you hope, pray, or consider selling your soul for Friday to NOT get here! I have a huge physiology test I am so unprepared for it. but on the positive side, (firm believer of the glass always being full!!) I am going to the beach this weekend for a much needed break, activities will include margaritas, sunshine, reading, and banana splits(<---hey its for an assignment. Seriously!). More to come later, when I have more time.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My very own very first post

Hello bloggies! I'm new to this whole thing so give me some slack. I am trying it out and determined to be a loyal poster and hopefully even gain some followers? Come on! Anyways, I titled this blog "Who Drank All The Milk??" because you know you have all been in that situation where you pour a huge bowl of cereal (and you are in the BEST mood, your day is going to be absolutely p-e-r-f-e-c-t because you are having your wonderful breakfast, the sun is out, birds are singing, yada yada) UNTIL you open the fridge to find....(GASP!) no milk, or even worse, a jug with approximately 2 drops in it. No words can describe that horrible, irritating moment, other than screeching WHO DRANK ALL THE MILK?? But you move on, and choose something else to eat. It may not be your original choice but hey that's life. Right? So I'll be posting about my life and all it's adventures. As of now some things to know about me are
 1.) I am in graduate school in New Orleans, LA (WOO HOO!) Just moved here and couldn't be happier. Love where I am and what I am doing

2.)I'm on a daily quest to figure out who I am, and it may never end.

3.) I am in the process of training for a 5k,( my first!) and am a newbie to running so be prepared for my rants and raves (hopefully) about my fitness accomplishments

4.) And last but not least, I know it's sappy and I sound like a character on Sex & the City but I'm looking for love, or at least something close!