Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let anatomy begin...

Long time no see bloggies. Wanna know whyyy? Because gross anatomy is a black hole and you can never get out!!!!! It sounds terrible but it's really not, it's just time consuming and incredibly detailed, yet extremely important and obviously pertains to OT so I want to actually understand everything. So in in general I reek of phemaldehyde (lovely) but overall the class is AWESOME. I am learning so much about the human body. But mainly that every body is different. I know, duh, everyone is different, but I mean literally the difference even in smells, colors, and thickness of structures is different. It's crazy and important and I actually like studying for the class. Let's hope I can hang with the class and make an A! ok lets be realistic and pray for a B, (m optimistic but not dellusional)

In other news I am taking a high intensity aerobics class on Wednesday, you could call it bootcamp. There have been several occasions I thought I would fall over and die in that class. But I have not given up and will prove myself to my large intimidating teacher, Dewayne. I will beat Dewayne!

Ok back to my extremely busy, boring, and sleep deprived life of anatomy, adios

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  1. Hi! I just came across your blog- love finding other OT people :))

    ha ohhh Anatomy- gotta love it right? Did you get to disect your own cadaver?? I really wanted to but we didn't get to! =\

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