Monday, May 23, 2011

Just a downtown girl...

So the "cool" place to live in the NO is uptown. I just moved a little further DOWNtown, that's right, and have been crazy busy trying to move in and out of my old place. I am moving in with a girl in my OT class from California and we have been so pressed for time with the move. Besides our scary parking lot, and very narrow hallways, it's not so bad. We have a kitchen and a living room and I'll be moving in a loveseat and coffee table tomorrow. It never ends!

In other NEW news, we are starting our second semester of school with the physical therapy students. We will be taking anatomy and cadaver (eek!) lab with them. Anatomy should be interesting, I have never dissected a cadaver before though, so this should be a learning experience for sure.....

I see dead people.

Who am I kidding??? Anybody who knows me knows I love this kind of stuff!!!! I seriously cannot wait to see the brain, and no not in a freaky way but in an OT way so I can better and more fully understand my practice.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Little bit of this, little bit of that

Sorry I have been MIA lately, just means I've been out living my life and have lots to update on. I find I write most on here when in need of a procrastination excuse. ANYWAYS, updates!

1.) I am on semester break and have run every single day since I've been home. Suprised? I AM. The only problem I am beginning to have with running is the weather. I don't care how much motivation or what kind of "breathable" sports wear you have, it is hard to run in humidity. Make that effing miserable. But I've been doing it. Go me!

2.) I am finding myself living a healthier lifestyle! Example: Today I had to get my oil changed. Note that getting my oil changed at Walmart is a task I dread more than running. I would rather run through coals for 26 miles than sit in Walmart for the usual 2 hours (RIDICULOUS RIGHT?) and wait for my oil to be changed while sitting in that little waiting room, texting ridiculous amounts of people to "catch up", and watching old western movies that for some reason are always on replay. But today was a new day! I, without even hesitating, went to the magazine section of Walmart and grabbed 3 healthy lifestyle magazines to read while waiting. I got 2 new recipes and got a little motivation to keep my weight loss going!

3.) I have been riding my brother's bike since I've been home. Props to all the mountain biker girls that can withstand the constant bumping. They must have hoo-ha's of steel. Seriously. Nowww that has been adequately awkward, but on the positive on FLAT ground biking is pretty fun and I've been alternating it with runing so I won't get burned out.

4.) I am learning to cook, so far I've done a pretty good job of it. My problem is when I go into a grocery store I don't think "O-M-GEE I just have to make that nutritious organic pineapple wrap I saw in Women's Health! Gotta get some pineapple!" No, I think "chicken" or "maybe get some spinach and apples today". I need to start expanding my healthy foods. I just don't think about it! In all these recipes healthy food really DOES look better than grilled chicken all the time. I need to start collecting recipes and writing down the ingredients.

5.) My goal for next semester is to be ORGANIZED.

6.) I am learning to trade my indulgences. Example for the day: I wanted pancakes. I saw them everywhere I went. I'm not kidding! So I went home and made some, using whole wheat mix and then realized I wanted not JUST pancakes but chocolate chip pancakes. So what did I do? I added chocolate chips, did NOT add butter, and did NOT add syrup. May sound nasty to you but really ask yourself if sugarfree/fat free syrup is even edible, or if your mind is tricking you! Chocolate chips were worth the lack of butter and syrup, hands down.

BYE NOW, hope everyone had a wondaful Tuesday!