Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Allergies....F you

I feel like garbage today. I am having one of the MOST stressful weeks thus far in OT school. Which is good because I am starting to feel like my classes are challenging me, but JUST when I feel like I have my shit together, the sun is coming out, and the flowers are blooming and BAM I cannot breathe!

Dreaded allergy season, of course would show up uninvited for my week full of assignments and tests. I am determined to not let it slow me down and have been trying to keep up my exercise 1.) so I can keep my stress levels down (I hope!) 2.) to maybe knock this crap out!!This is one of those weeks when you hope, pray, or consider selling your soul for Friday to NOT get here! I have a huge physiology test I am so unprepared for it. but on the positive side, (firm believer of the glass always being full!!) I am going to the beach this weekend for a much needed break, activities will include margaritas, sunshine, reading, and banana splits(<---hey its for an assignment. Seriously!). More to come later, when I have more time.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My very own very first post

Hello bloggies! I'm new to this whole thing so give me some slack. I am trying it out and determined to be a loyal poster and hopefully even gain some followers? Come on! Anyways, I titled this blog "Who Drank All The Milk??" because you know you have all been in that situation where you pour a huge bowl of cereal (and you are in the BEST mood, your day is going to be absolutely p-e-r-f-e-c-t because you are having your wonderful breakfast, the sun is out, birds are singing, yada yada) UNTIL you open the fridge to find....(GASP!) no milk, or even worse, a jug with approximately 2 drops in it. No words can describe that horrible, irritating moment, other than screeching WHO DRANK ALL THE MILK?? But you move on, and choose something else to eat. It may not be your original choice but hey that's life. Right? So I'll be posting about my life and all it's adventures. As of now some things to know about me are
 1.) I am in graduate school in New Orleans, LA (WOO HOO!) Just moved here and couldn't be happier. Love where I am and what I am doing

2.)I'm on a daily quest to figure out who I am, and it may never end.

3.) I am in the process of training for a 5k,( my first!) and am a newbie to running so be prepared for my rants and raves (hopefully) about my fitness accomplishments

4.) And last but not least, I know it's sappy and I sound like a character on Sex & the City but I'm looking for love, or at least something close!