Monday, November 21, 2011

Thinking and thanking

Thinking:   I wish it was Christmas break, I'm going to the beach on Wednesday, I'm nervous about tomorrow morning, eat one helping at Thanksgiving dinner, buy pumpkin, workout class kicked my butt today, need to do laundry, nervous about tomorrow STILL, Christmas party, gingerbread, peppermint bark, want to eat nutella stuffed french toast (via the Pin ), need to make a christmas list, I need to pack, and can i really do this?

Thanking:    I have family to visit over the weekend at the BEEEACH, good health, true friends,  my family, OT school, my bed, for such a great Mom, and rolling with the punches.

Side note- I just noticed it took me a considerably longer amount of time to think of things I'm thankful for than for my worrisome thoughts/cravings in the thinking section.

This means it's time for a makeover in my way of thinking, and what a better week than THANKSgiving.

Why is it so hard for us to think of the good things we have already been blessed with?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm back!


I have been such a bad blogger, and have not written in months, my apologies, I was out living my life you know. Updates are always fun though, and I 'm a girl who loves a list. So here we go!

1.) I went on my first FW 1 for school at a pediatric setting. I was suprised at how much I enjoyed the pediatric setting! I like kids, but have NEVER been interested in working with them. The setting was structured completely different than settings I have seen before. Mainly though, that play is the primary form of therapy (duh right?). No, this was like creativity on crack! Kids require so much creativity in their interventions, and the need to be stimulated in order to learn. I saw a TON of sensory integration (SI), handwriting skills (I was introduced to the Handwriting Without Tears program), scooter board exercises, fine motor skill interventions, and language barriers. I have never been in an OT pediatric setting and was completely out of my element while at the facility. Everything I saw was brand new to me, well mainly the SI tools and interventions, but the diagnoses as well. My CI recommended the book "The Out of Sync Child" by Carol Kranowitz, to learn more about SI and the various types of sensory processing disorders. Upon returning to NO,  I ordered the book on Amazon and have been obsessed. I highly recommend it!! 

2.) My FW also gave me the opportunity to learn my strengths and weaknesses my social skills as a hope-to-be therapist. I realized sometimes I have trouble and tend to be uncomfortable interacting with very low functioning clients. It's something I need to work on, but at least now I am aware of it! I shall improve!

3.) We have now moved into a new house, and my family has seemed to take well to the house. It's so cute and yellow! The only one who isn't is our cat Wanda who is constantly hiding under the couch. Scaredy cat

4.) I ran in the Race for the Cure in October (5k). Such a fun race, lots of pink, boas, wings, wigs, crazy outfits, and so much support for breast cancer awareness. It was so fun! Also, that is my 3rd race of the year! (FYI my new year's resolution was to run in a race, and I've already ran in 3, go me!)

5.) I have joined Pinterest. I jumped on the bandwagon about a month ago and have found so many amazing OT resources. There are tons of ideas for activities and information websites on Pinterest. There are also millions of dessert recipes, outfits, hairstyles, and cool pictures to look at to, not that I do....ok all the time. There are also really good motivational quotes, pictures, and general wellness tips I have found helpful.

                                                                    via the Pin

6.) I'm getting contact lenses!!!!!!!!

And that my friends, has been my life. Thanksgiving break is coming up and I am bringing my Californian roomate home with me for the holiday. The more the merrier! And speaking of merry, I love Christmas, I really do, but poor Thanksgiving gets no limelight in the commercial world. The day after Halloween began the Christmas holiday, Pillsbury, Walmart lay away, cookie commercials, etc. So, unlike the media world, don't forget to be thankful for everything you have. Now that has been sufficiently heart warming, and I'm going to do homework.

p.s. I have a mental health activity bag due this week! Any cool ideas? It has to be simple, and small enough to fit in a gallon zip lock