Monday, July 11, 2011

The final countdown

 I apologize for the sketchy behavior and absence of updates on here. I have just not had the UMPH for it. To begin I completed my 5k with a friend on the 4th, and in a reasonable time! It was my first race, and although it started out feeling like a stampede, think Lion King, it was almost addictive running with so many people. My biggest shock was that ipods are discouraged in races. Dur! Right? Huge problem for me and my trainer Lil Wayne, seeing as I have not run once this year without bringing my precious ipod. So, maybe I need to work on cutting the cord, just in case some races won't allow them at all (THE HORROR!). I's for safety...blah blah blah.

Other worthy things in my life include: running almost daily, spin class, power pump is starting to get a little (I mean very littttle) bit easier, I bought a delish red wine by Cupcake that is my new guilty pleasure, and only 3 weeks left in anatomy! Ahh music to my ears. Things are starting to come together in my life, but they aren't finished, so I can't stop now. Gotta keep going and get through all this. If I can endure Power Pump each week, I CAN pass anatomy.

My goal for the week: To really dedicate my time to learning anatomy, seeing as I have a test next Monday and all.

Keep cool!   -E

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